Simon Kåks

level designer

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 70 360 45 34





-Gameplay design-

 -Level Design-

 -Team project-

Tempus is a slow-paced puzzle game, were the player needs to use their magical projectiles and ability to completely stop time when standing still to solve puzzles. 

 -four weeks-

Skylar & plux

-Level design-

-solo project-

This level was made during a level design course at Future Games. We had the chance to create challenge map levels for the game Skylar & Plux made by Right Nice Games.

-two weeks-



-Gameplay design-

 -Level Design-

 -Team project-

Cowboy is a tactical stealth game were the player controls two different characters and needs to combine their different abilities in order to survive and have their revenge.

 -Seven weeks-